Our Values

Pinnacle Home Loans' Core Values are more than just words; they are the representation of who we are, who we want to be, and how we want to be perceived. Our Core Values express the fundamental philosophies that drive our extraordinary organization, so their meaning truly resonates with our employees, business partners and borrowers.

We believe in “Customer First, Last and Always” meaning that we focus on YOU from the first to the last minute of every day, building that relationship always. 


It’s our secret sauce to being the leading emergent banker.


Expert knowledge. We take pride in a job well done.


Given authority (tools & training) to do something.


Always seeking to do things better. Better is the very component of our success.

Our Principles

High Tech

State-of-the-art is required to compete in the lending market now and into the future. We embrace the opportunity to ensure it is used to create an exceptional client experience.

High To​uch

This is where we excel. The world still runs on people and we are intensely human to the core. The meticulous attention to detail will ensure we meet and exceed your expectations for your career and into the future. You are the customer.

High Trust

We always end our days well because we start with trust. This world is focused on quality relationships and we embrace that philosophy with passion.

Our Company Culture

We know that high tech, high touch, high trust in this industry is a constant, daily pursuit. Everything we do is With You In Mind. For us, this is a statement which applies to all interactions we have, internally with our Loan Advisors and Operational Staff, and externally with our Strategic Partners and Borrowers. Being attentive to the trend and the opportunity for emerging bankers, we have an entrepreneurial edge as we are applying our expertise to empower our Loan Advisors in executing bigger and better loans on a nimble platform that we created with you in mind. Our company culture is defined by these three words: Integrity, Passion, Commitment.

With you in Mind 

This means that you are our focus. Customer Service begins long before we meet you. For us it starts with our team, our product, our process always, "With you in Mind."