Our Core Values

Pinnacle Home Loans' Core Values are more than just words; they are the representation of who we are, who we want to be, and how we want to be perceived. Our Core Values express the fundamental philosophies that drive our extraordinary organization, so their meaning truly resonates with our employees, business partners and borrowers.

We believe in “Customer First, Last and Always” meaning that we focus on YOU from the first to the last minute of every day, building that relationship always. 

Lending, with you in mind.

High Tech

With a wide range of tools & products we quickly respond to all of your lending needs.

High Touch

Caring for our community, company and customers we put our focus on long term relationships.

High Trust

Good lending made better means that we give our best in all aspects of the transaction. 

With you in Mind 

This means that you are our focus. Customer Service begins long before we meet you.

For us it starts with our team, our product, our process always, "With you in Mind."